Grounded in the Love of Christ. Inspired by the Vision of Our Founders.

Graduate Theological Education for a New Generation

The mission of Yellowstone Theological Institute, and our dream for both students and community, is to bring about a world in which we experience deeper, more meaningful connections to God and one another in Christ.

From classroom discussions to ministry in our changing world, our core values drive everything we do.

#1 God first: We are faithful to God’s Word in Christ, and embrace His Love for the whole world.

YTI approaches the study of theology from a Biblical foundation, and expands the lens of study to include theological and ethical reflection, the study of differing religious perspectives, cultural interpretation, engagement with the arts and adventure, and, practical person-to-person ministry experience.

#2 Courageous in faith: We welcome the difficult questions.

Our programs foster the safe exploration and evaluation of one’s closely-held ideals and beliefs, through an individualized mentoring process, fostering healthy spiritual growth in the student.

#3. Truth and love: We balance a scholar’s mindset with a servant’s heart.

While YTI encourages and challenges faculty and students alike to strive for innovation in their respective fields, our actions remain firmly rooted in our love for God and every individual we meet.

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