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A Generous Theology Affirming God’s Truth to Light the Path

Yellowstone Theological Institute embodies a generous, reflective, and evangelically-oriented theology. We affirm Scriptural authority as the primary source of Christian beliefs, while we continuously explore the relationships between community, culture, and Christian experience as they relate to and impact our theological studies. We affirm the broad nature of the 21st century church as “Catholic,” “Evangelical,” “Apostolic,” “Charismatic,” “Orthodox,” and “Ecumenical,” by which we mean:

Catholic – we affirm the unity of the worldwide church in the midst of great variety

Evangelical – the church is bearer of the gospel of Jesus, or the “good news”

Apostolic – the church is “sent” into the world on the mission of Christ

Charismatic – the church operates in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit

Orthodox – the church operates in the accepted, established, and approved Christian theological tradition

Ecumenical – the church is one but it also has great variety from culture to culture

We affirm the nature and complete authority of the Scriptures as authored by the Holy Spirit through human beings, and hold in great esteem the teachings and traditions of the historical Christian church, especially as aligned with the Great Commission (Matthew 23:19-20) and the Great Commandments (Luke 10:25-28).

YTI operates with a generous theology, meaning a willingness to examine the influence and truths of other religious and philosophical movements. We pursue the cultivation of practical Christian character and ethical virtue.

We are intentionally nondenominational, and prepare our students to minister in any setting.

We strive for unity and understanding in the Christian church, while respecting its diversity of tradition and theology.

We recognize the church’s presence in this time of great cultural transition, where the modern and postmodern both coexist and conflict. This is a moment of both unprecedented anxiety yet exceptional opportunity for the church.

YTI is also environmentally engaged; our actions are based on the awareness that we live in a world of finite natural resources and there exists a divine human calling to steward and love the earth. And we recognize the increased draw in Western culture towards nature and the outdoors as a sense of responsibility, holistic fulfillment, and even spirituality. In light of this, with the nascent concept of outdoor recreational ministry as an important path for souls seeking God, YTI is strategically positioned in both our generous theology and geography to facilitate a nurturing of this movement.

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