Local Community Learning Initiative

Theological Study for the Rest of Us—Accessible, Inspirational, and Free

YTI is grounded in the importance of authentic dialogue and accessible theological education. In our Local Community Learning Initiative classes, we bring together differing views and intelligent discussion in search of greater spiritual and personal understanding. We believe that a thriving community and vibrant, dynamic church can meet one another on the common ground shared by real-world knowledge, enlightenment, and God’s love.

We invite the general public to join our discourses, each a different Christian perspective on varied subjects. These topics range from biblical insights to mindfulness, parenting to jazz.

All are welcome to attend these opportunities for education, community connection, and personal growth. They are typically held on evenings and weekends and are completely free of charge.

Strong faith comes from sufficiently examined views. Local Community Learning Initiative classes are where the practice of discovery aims to inform a more enlightened and loving understanding of truth. Please check our calendar to discover what’s coming up in the LCLI series.

Upcoming Local Community Learning Initiative (LCLI) Sessions

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