Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Discover Deeper Faith through Mentorship and Ministry with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Yellowstone Theological Institute’s Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree is an intensive program which gives its graduates the tools to thrive in a variety of roles, whether inside the church or in other businesses and organizations.

The MATS model allows students to pursue their degree without uprooting their lives. Weeklong intensive evening classes are held in Bozeman every academic term. Each course also includes reading prior to the week of class and several weeks of follow-up assignments, projects, and interaction with the instructor.

Students in the MATS program pursue the heart of God while wrestling with the hard questions through rigorous study of the Bible and other religious texts. They develop their abilities to seek, find, and share God’s love through study and discussion, all while gaining invaluable hands-on experience through ministry mentorship. Classes are taught by professors with years of practical ministry experience, and designed to increase students’ abilities and confidence as Christian leaders.

This in-depth graduate degree invites students to undertake a profound inquiry into spiritual truth from an intensive academic perspective. The theological study curriculum explores history, philosophy, literature, and religious institutions through lecture, discussions, and research.

YTI aims to develop graduates’ investigative skills and establish their confidence as thought leaders in their fields. Upon completion of the master’s program, students will feel an increased capacity to offer their relevant insights to the world – sharing them with the church, media, and laypersons through writing, publishing, and discussion. The MATS program is a preparation for active participation in sharing the holy, life-changing love of God.

Discover a deeper faith through theological study, dialogue, and reflection with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree.

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