Master of Arts Details

Graduation from the YTI Master of Arts in Theological Studies program requires completion of 42 hours, including core courses, an area of concentration, and a thesis, project, or guided ministry. View program listings, concentration requirements, and course descriptions below.

Master of Arts Requirements


BIB 530


BIB 531

Old Testament: Torah & Histories*

BIB 532

Old Testament: Prophets & Poetry*

BIB 534

New Testament: Gospels to Early Church*

BIB 535

New Testament: Romans to Revelation*

BIB 536

The Biblical Narrative

MIN 530

Christian Vocation*

SPR 530

Spiritual Practice

THEO 531

Intro. to Theology

THEO 532

Christian Doctrines**

THEO 534

Theological Reflection

*Required of all concentrations except Peace & Justice Ministries

**Required of all concentrations except Adventure, Arts & Theology, and Peace & Justice Ministries

†Peace & Justice Ministries only

M.A. Concentrations

Christian Ministries

LAN 530

Intro. to Exegetical Tools

LED 532

Entrepreneurial Leadership

OR LED 532

Servant/Collaborative Leadership

COM 531

Intro to Preaching & Teaching

OR COM 534

Missional Communication

MIN 531

Intro to Pastoral Care & Counseling

OR MIN 532

Basic Church Care & Conflict Management

MIN 631

Ministry Mentoring & Project

Biblical Studies

3 Electives

BIB, THEO, WCT, or SPR courses

MIN 631

Ministry Project

OR BIB 531


Christian Theology

3 Electives

BIB, THEO, WCT, SPR, or LED courses

MIN 631

Ministry Project




WCT 537

Imagination & Theology

ADV 531

Intro. to Adventure

ADV 532

Theology of Adventure


Any ADV Course

ADV 631

Adventure Project

Arts & Theology

WCT 537

Imagination & Theology

ART 531

Intro. to Theology & the Arts

ART 532

Theology of the Arts: Making & Being


Any ART Course

ART 631

Art & Theology Project

World Religions & Culture

3 Electives

BIB, THEO, WCT, SPR, or LED courses

MIN 631

Ministry Project

OR WCT 531


Christian Spirituality

3 Electives

BIB, THEO, WCT, SPR, or LED courses

MIN 631

Ministry Project

OR SPR 531


Peace & Justice Ministries

BIB 537

Justice and Righteousness in the Biblical Narrative

THEO 536

A Theology of Peace & Justice

THEO 538


SPR 533

Christian Spiritual Theology

SPR 538

Spiritual Anthropology

SPR 539

Rethinking the World

WCT 536

Theology & Culture

WCT 538



BIB, THEO, WCT, or SPR course

MIN 631

Ministry Project



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