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Teaching the Next Teachers

The Master of Theology is the highest degree offered by Yellowstone Theological Institute and prepares students for a variety of careers, most notably as a teacher at Bible college or similar training position. The degree is typically earned in 18 to 24 months by students seeking a deeper knowledge of the Bible and more training for a role in ministry. It is primarily for students who have already earned a Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree.

Enriching Seminars for Students

The Master of Theology is a research program and under most circumstances is the degree required for teaching in an undergraduate program at a Bible college or working full time as a senior or associate pastor in a church or as a chaplain. Incoming ThM students who have already earned a master’s degree in Bible studies or theology will complete a total of 18 hours of seminars and thesis work.

ThM Degree

Many students become Bible college teachers after earning a Master of Theology degree. But others use their deep knowledge to launch a career in pastoral ministry as a chaplain or pastor, a Christian counselor, community service professional, youth minister or other related position.

18 Hours of Required Courses
18-24 Month Program
3 Advanced Seminars


Students seeking a Master of Theology degree who have already earned a master’s degree in Bible or theology must complete 18 hours in seminar courses and thesis work. Students who do not have the prerequisites in biblical and theological studies must complete an additional 18 hours of levelling courses for a total of 36 hours. Many students earn the degree in 18 to 24 months.

Essential Courses

YTI students pursuing a Master of Theology degree will enroll in Readings for Advanced Studies and three advanced seminars focused on their particular area of study. Master’s degree candidates will also complete a thesis project. Several levelling courses are offered to students who have not taken foundational classes in the Bible and theology.

Gaining a Deeper Knowledge

Students who earn a Master of Theology degree will find many opportunities for a stimulating and spiritually enriching career. Our ThM program opens doors to a variety of professions – from teaching students at a Bible college to serving others as a chaplain or church pastor. The format of our program accommodates the particular needs of students with its hybrid residential/online curriculum. While they are on campus for engaging seminars, students find an uplifting atmosphere as they interact with YTI’s dedicated faculty and staff amid the beauty of the Bozeman region.

“We are secure, not because
we hold tightly to Jesus,
but because He holds
tightly to us.

-R.C. Sproul


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