Yellowstone Scholars

Do you have a heart for ministry?

Join us in Bozeman, Montana, for an internship or summer program designed for you. Learn more about your area of ministry focus, put your undergrad education to practical use, and gain valuable real-world experience.

Now in its second full year, Yellowstone Theological Institute’s Yellowstone Scholars program was created for a changing world. Today’s culture and educational system don’t always serve tomorrow’s needs – so at YTI, we are pioneering new and creative ways to prepare men and women for ministry.

Our Yellowstone Scholars Program offers an excellent means to:

    • Further your education, without the commitment of a graduate degree


    • Pursue a “gap year” while exploring a unique perspective in your field


    • Experience living, learning, and sharing God’s love with a vibrant, mountain town community


    • Get inspired with new perspectives and individual mentorship


The Yellowstone Scholars Program is for people ages 20-27, who have already completed at least two years of college. Participants choose from three “tracks”:


Yellowstone Scholars Internship

11 Months

Yellowstone Scholars Directed Field Experience

3 Months

Yellowstone Scholars Summer Experience

2 Weeks


Teaching, working, and studying with Yellowstone Scholars

Yellowstone Scholars Internship

Gain real-world perspective and discover the right ministry path for you.

      • 11-month internship: September 15-August 15, breaks for Thanksgiving & Christmas


      • $15,000 total cost, including housing, food, tuition, and fees.


      • Grants available through application for up to 100% of cost.


      • Earn a Diploma of Christian Theology degree from YTI.


      • Serve in a variety of works and organizations in the Bozeman area, including local churches, nontraditional/ parachurch ministries, nonprofits, environmental and social causes, and more.


      • Interns have two mentors: one from YTI and one from a local ministry.


      • Application Deadline: March 1, 2020



Yellowstone Scholars Directed Field Experience (DFE)

Experience a summer in Bozeman while building upon your calling.

      • 3-month summer internship: May 15-August 15


      • Student must be enrolled in a degree program with a partner college of YTI.


      • $4,000 total cost, including housing, food, and fees.


      • One-on-one faculty mentoring.


      • Guided class discussions of required reading list.


      • Faculty mentor will work with student’s college on their progress.


      • YSDFE scholars have the opportunity to work with Yellowstone Summer Programs:


— The Yellowstone Soccer Experience
— The Yellowstone Dance Experience
— The Yellowstone Actor’s Studio
— The Yellowstone Music Experience


Yellowstone Scholars Summer Experience

Gain valuable ministry experience through adventure and the arts.

      • 2 weeks: 3rd & 4th full weeks of July


      • No cost, other than transportation for students accepted to the program.


      • Students take two morning seminars with YTI faculty, Monday through Thursday.


      • Students sit in on one evening class the first week of the experience.


      • Evenings during the second week will be spent exploring Bozeman.


      • A weekend will be spent with the Adventure faculty, camping and exploring southwest Montana and Yellowstone National Park.

      • Application Deadline: April 1, 2020 

      • Students will be notified of acceptance by April 15, 2020. 

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