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August-September 2017

Inscribed - August-September 2017
M.Div. launches after busy summer

I suspect most folks hope for a bit of relaxation during the summer season. Many teachers look forward to “time off” from the hustle and bustle of school children and hectic schedules. For a start-up like the Yellowstone Theological Institute (YTI), summer has been anything but rest or relaxation. Interns and others have cleaned, painted, … MORE

YTI welcomes Molly Wilmington to staff

This August, YTI welcomes Molly Wilmington as our new Chief Administrator for Academic Affairs and Student Records. Molly brings to YTI a combined 22 years of higher education experience with 12 years specifically assisting faculty and students. For the last three years, she assisted the dean and faculty at Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological … MORE

YTI summer picnic

There was great conversation—and great food—at the YTI summer picnic, held in July at Copper Spring Ranch west of Bozeman. Faculty and staff enjoyed visiting with a number of members of the Gallatin Valley community. VIEW GALLERY

The best summer camp ever?

Raymond Duncan once said, “A lot of parents pack up their troubles and send them off to summer camp.” While I did attend more than my share of church camps in my youth, I would like to think my parents were not “packing up their troubles.” Then again, maybe they were. MORE

Community, backpacking, hard work…and unwinding with an Americano

The first highlight of this summer for me would be the weekend that YTI hosted the Klein Gilhousen Inaugural Lecture at the Museum of the Rockies. I loved hearing what Dr. Eric Priest had to say about the relationship between the sun’s plasma and its gravitational field. It struck me that there are some things in life that are so fluid and unexplainable, and yet are still reliable and necessary—just like faith. MORE

Coaching, painting, and adventure in the cool Montana air

When I boarded the plane to Bozeman on June 2nd, I had no idea what to expect. I was out of my comfort zone and was thinking about how I wouldn’t be back home for two whole months. But, of course, my summer in Montana was absolutely amazing once I got settled in. About a … MORE

Soccer extravaganza!

YTI’s 2017 Yellowstone Soccer Experience youth soccer camp was held June 12-15 at Kirk Park in Bozeman. The young people who attended—not to mention our coaches!—had a lot of fun together, even if the weather was sometimes a little cool and damp! VIEW GALLERY

Reflection: Finding God in a bad movie ending

I had a recent encounter with God after being disappointed and annoyed with the ending of a movie. Really. During the late-night time slot I reserve for movies that meet both the “wife not interested” and “thoroughly not-for-kids” standards, I went to see the latest (and last?) Wolverine movie “Logan.” As someone who tends to … MORE

From the President

For most, summer is a time of relaxation and recreation. In the summer, YTI shifts into a different gear. From September to May, YTI is focused on its unique brand of education, teaching its masters program curricula, and working to create a special kind of community in and around Bozeman. In the summer, we focus on serving our community in special ways. MORE

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