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December 2016

Inscribed - December 2016
Gifts of Christmas

Two thousand years ago, three Persian Magi came from the East, bearing gifts for the Christ child. Jesus, in return, gave hope, mercy, forgiveness, and love to the world. In 2017, Yellowstone Theological Institute will be bringing a gift to the Rocky Mountain Northwest: a cutting edge theological education, the likes of which no one … MORE

Gifts of Christmas: Dr. Jay Smith

It has been my privilege to be with YTI since its inception, first as a board member, and now as its President. I love teaching as much as I love research and have really enjoyed developing our satellite campuses. My personal scholarship is focused on the nature and function of the church, the theological imagination, … MORE

Gifts of Christmas: Dr. Scott Hamilton

I never dreamed God would put me in a position to help equip others to do ministry; God truly has a sense of humor. Being with like-minded people, empowering others to see ministry through a different and exciting lens is becoming one of the greatest blessings of my life. My current research reading is at the … MORE

Gifts of Christmas: Dr. David Wilmington

My family (wife, Molly, and our kids, Luke and Anna Grace) and I are excited and honored to join YTI. I have discussed the vision and progress of the Institute with Jay and Bill for more than a year, and I cannot wait to arrive in Bozeman next summer as Professor of Theology and Philosophy. … MORE

Gifts of Christmas: Brett Desper

As you can see from our picture, Kris and I are extremely happy this year that the Cubbies finally pulled off a World Series win; we are also both Green Bay Packers fans, although that doesn’t look quite as promising this year. No children, but we do have two English Springer Spaniels, Jack and Skipper, … MORE

Gifts of Christmas: Elizabeth Gaines Quammen

Betsy is working on her Ph.D. on the nexus between religion and landscape use at Montana State University. She is due to defend her dissertation in 2017. She founded and served as Executive Director of the Tributary Fund after visiting the Eg-Uur watershed and Dayan Derkh Monastery ruins in 2002 and falling in love with … MORE

Gifts of Christmas: Dr. Bill Fowler

After spending a week during the summer of 2012 with a small group brainstorming, dreaming, and imagining what Yellowstone Theological Institute would need to become, I was sold on the vision of a new way to do theological education, not just using new methods, but embodying a unique mentality of living Christ within culture as … MORE

What Is Important To You?

Yellowstone Theological Institute is dedicated to keeping tuition costs manageable for students. The cost per credit hour for ATS accredited seminaries is between $450 and $1000 per credit hour, before any scholarships are added. It is no longer unusual for students to leave seminary with $70,000-80,000 worth of student loan debt. Tuition and fees for … MORE

From the President

Merry Christmas friends! 2016 has been a difficult, but rewarding year for the Yellowstone Theological Institute. In 2016, we continued teaching and growing our programs in Boise, ID and Bellingham, WA. We began development of our property in Bozeman, and as you will see in this issue, we have finished hiring our core faculty. Each … MORE

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