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Inscribed is the bi-monthly community newsletter of Yellowstone Theological Institute, keeping you up to date on what’s happening at the intersection of faith, adventure, and the arts—including institute events, faculty and student accomplishments, placement needs, and ongoing development projects.

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November-December 2018

Inscribed - November-December 2018
Reflecting on and in the Holidays

As we go through the holiday season we start calculating and planning for the economic and familial impact we will have to manage. Quite often the holidays bring more stress and anxiety than “comfort and joy!” MORE …

Tolkien and Creation

Dr. Jay Smith’s November lecture, called “A Beautiful World: J. R. R. Tolkien and the Music of the Ainur,” covered a brief history of Tolkien’s life and educational influences. MORE …

Yellowstone Scholars

In order to face our changing culture, YTI has begun the Yellowstone Scholars program. The program offers 11-month, 3-month, and 2-week internships and intensives for undergrads and recent college graduates. MORE …

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Through Faith, Adventure, and the Arts At Yellowstone Theological Institute, our vision for a better world through faith, adventure, and the arts includes inspiring the next generation of leaders. So, with three graduate programs well underway, YTI’s reach is expanding to serve kids and teens through several important community projects. It is your partnership with … MORE

Settling in to 2030 Stadium

This fall, Yellowstone Theological Institute moved into our temporary home at 2030 Stadium Drive in Bozeman. This location not only meets the educational purposes of the Institute, but serves as a hub for community activity. MORE …

On the Road Again …

Student recruitment and public relations trips are a big part of what I do for YTI. This October, I traveled thousands of miles on a two-week trip with our Recruiting Coordinator, Mrs. Kim Treat. We visited Manhattan Christian College, the KSU Wesley Center, and Sterling College (all in Kansas); Southwest Baptist University and Ozark Christian … MORE

From the President

Keep YTI in your prayers. We seek to make a difference in our culture, one student at a time, and we are praying that students from across the country are called to study with us. MORE …

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