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Inscribed is the bi-monthly community newsletter of Yellowstone Theological Institute, keeping you up to date on what’s happening at the intersection of faith, adventure, and the arts—including institute events, faculty and student accomplishments, placement needs, and ongoing development projects.

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October 2015

Inscribed - October 2015
M.Div. Degree Launch Planned for Fall 2017

In the fall of 2017, YTI will launch an innovative new Master of Divinity program at the Yellowstone Center for Faith, Adventure, and the Arts in Bozeman, Mont. This three-year residential program aims to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical ministry. Residential ministry training programs tend to use a systematic format that unnecessarily … MORE

Yellowstone Center in Bozeman Will Be Home to YTI, Plus a Host of Community Resources

YTI eagerly anticipates occupying our Bozeman campus by Fall 2017. The institute’s facilities will be part of the Yellowstone Center for Faith, Adventure, and the Arts, which is being designed to facilitate the mission of discipleship, service, and ministry in the broader cultural context of the Bozeman community. Plans for the Yellowstone Center property include … MORE

Untying the Knots That Bind Us

Whether it’s a pair of headphones previously coiled nice and neat, or a tangled fishing line, life tends to get knotted up. Sometimes, those knots are harmless, and the solution comes with a few moments of patient work. Sometimes, however, the knot is more severe and aggravates the dysfunction of our world and our relationships … MORE

What If? A Qualcomm Ethos Turned Toward Theological Education

YTI and its board are inspired by the Fortune 100 Company and San Diego technology giant Qualcomm and its commitment to the “What If?” question.Klein Gilhousen, one of the co-founders and benefactors of Yellowstone Theological Institute, is also a co-founder of Qualcomm. Through Klein, the ethos of Qualcomm has become integral to the ethos of … MORE

YTI Spotlight: Dr. Scott Hamilton

Dr. Scott Hamilton is Lecturer in Pastoral Counseling at Yellowstone Theological Institute. He lives in Nocona, Texas with his wife Rebecca, is a father of two, and enjoys riding road bikes, running, and hiking in his spare time.Can you describe a little of your theological background?My folks raised me in a Baptist church where I … MORE

From the President

Dear Friends, The staff has been working hard to advertise, market, and develop the programs of the institute. Classes in August and September continued to show great promise. Mrs. Kim Cancelosi, our Western Washington Administrator, is doing a fantastic job of filling our lectures with audiences and our classes with students. In our Bozeman office, … MORE

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