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Inscribed is the bi-monthly community newsletter of Yellowstone Theological Institute, keeping you up to date on what’s happening at the intersection of faith, adventure, and the arts—including institute events, faculty and student accomplishments, placement needs, and ongoing development projects.

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Winter 2019-2020

Inscribed - Winter 2019-2020
Why did God become man?

What did God accomplish through the incarnation (that apparently could not have been accomplished any other way)? One significant objective is revelation — God’s self-disclosure in His Son. MORE…

Christmas worship in a minor key

Planning worship gatherings in December is difficult. As Christians, we worship God-with-us every Sunday. But during Advent, we sit in a layered time of waiting, knowing, and celebrating. MORE …

The season is about love

It is through our love of one another that we get all of the other meaningful things throughout the holiday season – joy, gratitude, a sense of family, and a sense of community. MORE…

From the President

I am hoping that my own family will find great meaning in Advent, Christmastide and Epiphany. The fact that God became like us, for our own sake, should — even must — give greater meaning to our short lives. MORE…

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