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God’s Vision For Us Continues

When Yellowstone Theological Institute’s first Master of Divinity students started, our school was on the second floor of an old church building and eventually we moved into our current building right next to our future campus. Looking ahead, our campus will be a welcoming spiritual haven that reaches beyond the scope of traditional churches through service, ministry, community programs and education.

Set in a beautiful location on the edge of Bozeman, the YTI campus will combine education, the arts, and recreation. Amenities will include walking trails, community gardens, an outdoor athletic complex, performing arts space, and an outdoor amphitheater in addition to library, classroom, and office space for the institute. The property will be a place for students and the community to experience the divine in a setting that only God could design.





A Message from Jay

At a time when historic seminaries are folding and online learning has become a standard method for education, YTI is taking a different approach to theological education and maximizing the engagement level between students and professors. At YTI, we’re expanding the learning environment beyond the classroom and taking it into the community, whether that’s at a coffee shop, community event, concert hall or outside in Montana’s mountains. For our faculty, staff and administration, it’s important that we provide a place for students to thrive; a setting where they can engage in church and theological history, cultural and biblical studies, and put that education to use through daily, practical applications. That place is the Yellowstone Theological Institute.

At YTI, we welcome a community of people to learn in an authentic environment where they can speak openly of God and life. We are a place where faith meets adventure and the arts, and we embrace those components of human existence while knowing that life is bound together through

a tapestry of learning, work, God, relationships and love. We strive to help our students find a wholeness in their existence by teaching them to love unconditionally as they are connected to creation and develop a deeper relationship with God.

And while there are many fine seminary and divinity schools around the world that prepare students for ministry, YTI is changing the way this education is pursued. We’re saying no to methods that no longer work. The church has a bright future, and we’re educating leaders for the church of tomorrow to prepare to lead the way in a world that is dynamic and changing. If you are a student of the Bible, theology or ministry, continue your education with us. Your bachelor’s degree gave you a foundation; your master’s degree at YTI will give you the methods to lead a thriving church and a community that’s ready for you.

Jay Smith

Center for Faith,
Adventure and the Arts

  • 234-seat performing arts chapel hosting local symphonies, opera and ballet groups, as well as lecturers and worship services
  • Daily-use classrooms and offices for graduate students, interns and faculty
  • Fine Arts Lab
  • Adventure Annex Center for Faith, Adventure and the Arts

Inspiring Community

Our new permanent home will incorporate nature, light and art. Open and shared spaces will encourage collaboration and become community gathering destinations.

Spaces for All

  • A soup, bread and coffee community café
  • Community meeting spaces
  • Art gallery
  • Ponds, trails, athletic facilities, and more
  • 40 acres of Montana landscapes and mountain views

New Housing Joint Venture

With current enrollment at 40 students and a projection of 60 by the end of next year, the planned space is needed. Our campus development includes new student and affordable single-family housing made possible through our joint venture with Providence, South 40, LLC.

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