Gap Year Interns

A post-high school program to grow your faith in the Northern Rockies

Images of friends on adventures in the woods and in the snow

Maybe you’ve graduated from high school, but you’re not ready for the next step. However, you look around you and see a world desperately in need of God’s love. And you look within, and you want something more—a deeper experience of God’s presence, a greater understanding of His Word and His ways. The Yellowstone Gap Year Interns program is designed to equip people like you in this critical time of transition. The format is similar to the Yellowstone Journeyman program, but with content tailored to where you are in life.

Program Details

  • ELIGIBILITY: For students at least 18 years of age who have graduated from high school and have postponed entry into a tech school, college, or university program
  • WHAT YOU’LL DO: Gap Year Interns work with a variety of church and parachurch ministries, as well as take a variety of classes largely focused on discipleship
  • LOCATION: The program is based in Bozeman, Montana, a vibrant community in the heart of the Northern Rockies just north of Yellowstone National Park
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 1 prior to program entry; acceptance is by application only, and a maximum of 8 students per year are accepted

What Does It Cost?

  • FEES: $3,000 (Classes/Recreation)
  • ROOM & BOARD: $4,000
  • TOTAL: $7,000
  • Not included: food, insurance, fuel, daily transportation

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