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I Want to Be “All in with Jesus,” but How? Day 1: What’s Holding You Back?

September 22, 2020 | Ashley Denton

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to dive into an alpine lake or wade in deep to a mountain stream, you know the difference between being all in versus dipping your toes in some water.

The Unintended Consequence of Dipping Your Toes Is That It May Keep You from Diving in

Diving or wading into the fresh water is an “All in” experience. Dipping one’s toe in the water is more tentative, and when you feel the cold shock to your skin it may keep you from just diving in! So it’s usually better to just jump in.

Being “All in” is a good metaphor for being a follower of Jesus.

5 Part Series on Being All in with Jesus

Recently on a wilderness trip in the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness area with a group of young people, we soaked in this theme of being “All in” with Jesus. This will be a five-part series based on the lessons learned on that epic wilderness trip.

DAY 1: What’s Holding You Back?

  • Read Psalm 95 & Exodus 17:1-7
  • According to Exodus 17:1-7, why did the Israelites quarrel with Moses?
    • How did they test God in this place?
    • How did God show them his trustworthiness even though they had stubborn doubts?
  • According to these passages, what keeps us from experiencing God’s ultimate blessings, i.e. “entering His rest?”
    • Ungrateful hearts (v. 2)
    • Not worshipping/submitting (v. 6)
    • Hardening hearts over time (like when clay hardens it becomes useless and impossible to work with) (v. 8)
    • Testing God with stubborn doubts (v.9)
  • Read Hebrews 4:1-13 (our situation), and Ps. 95:1-8 (Israel’s sin)
    • What are some warnings listed in this passage from God who is a loving Shepherd?
    • What are some actions we are called to according to these passages?
  • How might the Lord be speaking to you today through this passage of Scripture (especially Psalm 95:7-8… consider God’s desire to speak to us)?


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EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Denton’s blog was originally posted on his website as “I Want to Be “All in with Jesus,” but How? Day 1: What’s Holding You Back?”

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