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Evening Lectures to Think About: “Christian Theology for American Patriots”

July 12–14, 2021 (Mon-Wed)   |   7–8:30PM   |   Dr. Jay Smith

In the last several decades, the populist “Patriot Church Movement” has been growing among American Christians. The movement espouses a “civil” theology, including the belief that the church is God’s remnant in an evil world, a willingness to fight for “inalienable” rights as “God-given,” and a vision of themselves as a movement of like-minded believers, thereby combining what they believe to be a fundamental Christianity with fundamental political rights. As majestic and promising as this may sound, it suffers from a biblical and theological amnesia that is ultimately destructive both for the church and for patriotism. In this series of lectures, Dr. Jay Smith points the way forward for the church in America that desires to live for Christ and cherish its country.


Yellowstone Pastoral Tune-up: Preaching Paul

July 19–22, 2021 (Mon-Thu)   |   6–8PM   |   Dr. Wade Smith & Dr. Jay Smith

Pastors need tune-ups too! One of the challenges any pastor faces in today’s church is accurately and effectively preaching the epistles of Paul. Dr. Jay Smith, president of YTI, and Dr. Wade Smith, pastor of First Baptist Church Norman, Okla., will walk the attendees through four difficult but popular passages from Paul’s epistles. The first part of each lecture will detail the context and interpretation of a passage, followed by an examination of the different ways that the passage might be preached as an exegetical, propositional, or narrative sermon.


Kintsugi Workshop

July 22–23, 2021 (Thu–Fri)   |   6–8PM   |   Kurt Caddy

Join artist Kurt Caddy to study and practice the art of Kintsugi! You will learn about the history and philosophy of this ancient Japanese art of healing the broken, exploring the concepts of brokenness, mending, and beauty and learning the basic steps in a westernized adaptation.

In the hands-on workshop (Friday), you will apply what you’ve learned to create a Kintsugi work of art. You can either use pottery supplied or bring your own bowl or plate to mend using the Kintsugi method, creating your own unique pottery piece.

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it but because by it I see everything else.

-C.S. Lewis

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