Fresh Faith for the Northern Rockies

Yellowstone Theological Institute is in Bozeman, Montana, at the heart of the northern Rockies. This community sits nestled between mountain ranges, at the edge of the beautiful, accessible, and geologically-active Yellowstone National Park. Soaring granite peaks, clear and cold rivers, snowy mountains, and endless plains call to the adventurer in all of us.

This soulful call to adventure is well-chronicled in biblical history and echoed in our modern wanderlust for wild landscapes. Jesus, Moses, and Isaiah all experienced moments of struggle and inspiration in the wilderness, their souls laid bare and revived through encounters with the Holy Spirit in expanses of windswept earth, under the open sky.

Yellowstone Theological Institute recognizes the importance of the wilderness—both literal and metaphorical—in our journey with Christ. We are a tribe of seekers, chasing and rediscovering the heart of God in the great outdoors.

The dream of YTI is rooted in an exceptional and unique sense of place here in Montana’s northern Rockies. We seek to nurture human connection to creation and one another.

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