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Our diverse and brilliant faculty give unique richness to the theological studies, programs, and lectures at Yellowstone Theological Institute, and we are proud to highlight this work on Yellowstone Theological Institute’s blog.

A Christian organization should hold the word of God as truth, but human interpretation of it as dynamic, open to amplified understanding, and informed by a living history and analysis of experience. And a worthy institution of higher education must recognize and value diverse voice. The YTI blog features a rotating field of contributors from varied academic and theological disciplines. Here, our faculty shares their research and writings with unique points of view.

Read the latest post below, filter results to discover more about a particular topic, or stay tuned for ongoing perspectives and inquiry from our faculty.

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    Silhouette of evergreen trees against green starry sky

    Overcoming the Warfare Between Theology and Science

    Ross Hastings, Guest Contributor

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    Are modern science and Christianity really in conflict, as new atheists proclaim? The key proposal in the upcoming Gilhousen lecture is that Christian theology and science may be thought of as being in a “coinherent” relationship, not a conflicted one. Incoherent, You Say? Coinherence is difficult to say, let alone understand! It sounds incoherent to … MORE

    Blurry stars illustrate navigating change

    Navigating Change

    Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

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    There is a constant in life, and that constant is “change.” People, animals, and plants are constantly changing and navigating change. If we were honest, we would admit that life itself is but for a season. Indeed, we tend to view life in three very different ways, with each view dictating our need to navigate … MORE

    hand-written checklist to find your one thing

    Three Ps to Help Find Your ONE Thing

    Scott Hamilton, YTI Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

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    I recently read a book suggesting that people want less. According to Gary Keller and Jay Papason in The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, people want less on their plates, they want less responsibility—basically, they want less everything. However, the authors explain that people also want more. Folks want more productivity, … MORE

    Hiker climbing stairs

    Entrepreneurial Leadership In Ministry

    Scott Hamilton, YTI Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

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    Thomas Monaghan founded Domino’s Pizza in 1970 and served as President and Chief Executive Officer until 1985. The megalithic pizza chain grew from a small debt-ridden chain to the second largest pizza company in America, with sales over one billion dollars. When asked what accounted for the company’s exponential growth, Monaghan said, “I programmed everything … MORE



    Scott Hamilton, YTI Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

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    Crisis! There she was, just waddling down the street – the neighbor’s Jersey milk cow. I had started down the road on my morning run when I encountered a cow walking toward me in the middle of the road. Picture Elsie, the Bordon milk representative, but add a tongue rolling out of her mouth and … MORE

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