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Our diverse and brilliant faculty give unique richness to the theological studies, programs, and lectures at Yellowstone Theological Institute, and we are proud to highlight this work on Yellowstone Theological Institute’s blog.

A Christian organization should hold the word of God as truth, but human interpretation of it as dynamic, open to amplified understanding, and informed by a living history and analysis of experience. And a worthy institution of higher education must recognize and value diverse voice. The YTI blog features a rotating field of contributors from varied academic and theological disciplines. Here, our faculty shares their research and writings with unique points of view.

Read the latest post below, filter results to discover more about a particular topic, or stay tuned for ongoing perspectives and inquiry from our faculty.

Latest Posts

    Belong, Believe, Become: The Importance of Christian Community for 21st Century Evangelism

    Bill Fowler, YTI Church Relations and Professor of New Testament and Practical Theology

    Some Christian tradition has emphasized “believe, belong, and become” as its model for evangelism and discipleship. What I observe in my world is a different sequence in how people are experiencing these three realities. I am watching people belong, believe, and become. Did you catch that? Belonging comes first! MORE…

    It Matters How We Treat Others

    Brett Desper, YTI Lecturer in Discipleship and Spirituality

    It matters how we treat other people, even people we vehemently disagree with and do not particularly like. MORE…

    Man weaving

    Love and Holiness

    Bill Fowler, YTI Church Relations and Professor of New Testament and Practical Theology

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    Too often our view of holiness is the absence/avoidance of sin. God’s view of holiness is the presence of His own character, woven into our lives by His Spirit. MORE…

    Cloudy day over Bridger Mountains

    Passion and Longing in Bozeman

    Brett Desper, YTI Lecturer in Discipleship and Spirituality

    I was sitting in a coffee shop looking out the window at the Bridger mountains a few days ago when I was overwhelmed by the immense beauty of the view. To be sure, Bozeman is a beautiful place in which to live by any standard, but this day seemed particularly wonderful to me. It was … MORE

    Relevant Scrabble tiles on table

    Against Relevance and Niceness —OR— Why Ancient Dogma is the Most Relevant Thing

    David Wilmington, YTI Professor of Theology and Philosophy

    In a previous blog entry, I noted that some commentators believe relevance must be a primary concern and goal for any kind of revival in Christian education. Of course, this is just one of the small, niche territories of Christian life that relevance has conquered in its decades-long campaign to become a major—or practically the … MORE

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