Summer Session 2018 | Yellowstone Theological Institute
Bozeman Summer Session

Creation in the Bible and Theology

July 9-13, 2018  |  YTI/Grand Avenue Christian Church

The Christian doctrine of creation has been neglected in the modern period as the natural world has been claimed as the domain of the sciences. Yet the Bible and the Christian tradition provide rich resources for understanding the nature of the world, its relation to God, and our place in it. This course focuses on classic creation texts from the Bible (such as Gen 1-2, Ps 104, John 1), asking several questions: How can we read these texts responsibly as Christian Scripture? What do they teach us about creation? And how have the themes of these texts been developed in Christian theology, especially by key figures such as Augustine and Aquinas?

World Religions and the Making of Meaning

July 16-20, 2018  |  YTI/Grand Avenue Christian Church

Human beings engage in meaning-making in order to understand and describe their world. In this course we will consider the examples of metaphor and narrative and identify influential metaphors and narratives within different religious traditions. We will investigate the ways in which the self, the community, and the world are understood within these different traditions by exploring the dominant metaphors and narratives that appear within them. Finally, we will explore the underlying imaginative process that allows humans to engage in meaning-making using the work of Paul Ricoeur.

The Garden or the Desert: A Christian Theology of the Environment

July 23-27, 2018  |  YTI/Grand Avenue Christian Church

This course will examine theological resources from the Bible and tradition for articulating the relationship between humanity and the earth. Students will learn to apply biblical themes such as garden and desert, wilderness and promised land, mountain and sea, and theological topics such as the Imago Dei, sanctification, original sin, and creation to contemporary environmental debates. From Yellowstone and public lands to climate change and industrial meat production, how does Christian thought challenge us to reimagine our relationships to God’s creation?

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