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July 24–28, 2023 (6–9pm)

Worship Leadership — Nuts and Bolts, led by Brandon Edwards and Kevin Butler of Journey Church in Bozeman, will focus on leading worship in a congregational setting and the development of worship and tech teams. The sessions will also discuss the use of worship technology including audio, video, lighting, and digital platforms.

LOCATION: Journey Church, 1794 Baxter Lane East, Bozeman  |  COST: $100 for the week

QUESTIONS? Please contact us at (406) 404-1600 or information@yellowstonetheology.org.

Our Presenters

Brandon Edwards (MDiv) is the Worship and Creative Arts Pastor at Journey Church in Bozeman, Montana. Brandon helped plant Journey Church as full time staff in 2005 and is enthusiastic about leveraging worship and the arts to help people connect to God. In the last few years Brandon has been helping lead 406 United which is a Bozeman based group of worship leaders and worship songwriters to encourage worship songwriting in the local church.

Brandon has a passion for the global outreach and God’s heart for the orphan and the widow. He oversees Journey’s Global Outreach and serves on the Advisory Board for Elevate Orphan, an Ethiopian Orphan ministry he has worked with for 10 years.

Brandon loves golf, fishing, tennis, hiking, scuba diving, and going on adventures with his wife Stephanie and their four children, Jane, Jack, Charlie, and Millie.

Kevin Butler is the Production Director at Journey Church in Bozeman, Montana. Kevin oversees production technology and a team of volunteers who create immersive and meaningful worship gatherings for over 2,000 people each week. He has served at Journey since 2006 and transitioned into his new role in July of 2022.

Kevin is passionate about leveraging technology to share the Gospel and help people grow closer to God. He is a skilled audio engineer and creator of technical systems used in the church. He also has a natural aptitude for teaching others how to use audio, video, and lighting systems in the church. When he is not working for Journey, Kevin loves helping other churches make the most of their gear by training and sharing his production knowledge.

Out of the tech booth, Kevin enjoys driving his Mini Cooper and playing with his cat, Luna. Kevin and his wife Natalie got married in the summer of 2019 and enjoy going on adventures together. Natalie is the Finance Director at Journey and they enjoy getting to work together.


Worship Leadership: Nuts & Bolts

Led by Brandon Edwards and Kevin Butler
@ Journey Church, 1794 Baxter Lane East, Bozeman

All sessions are 6–9pm
Cost: $100 for the week

Mon July 24

Worship Leadership and Theology

We will review different approaches to congregational worship services and the theological foundation of Christian worship.

Tue July 25

Developing the Team Vision and Culture

Identifying and developing a vision for your worship and tech team that is in line with your church’s mission statement. Vision and direction are key in building an intentional culture and helpful in setting goals and expectations for your church and team.

Wed July 26

Building the Worship and Tech Teams

Building the Worship and Tech Teams: Volunteer Care, Responsibility, Ethics, and Encouragement. We will explore helpful approaches to building your worship and production teams and galvanize volunteers. Critical steps include recruiting, training, scheduling, encouraging, and retaining your volunteers.

Thu July 27

Worship Technology, Part 1

How to utilize tools like Planning Center in order to train, equip, organize, schedule, plan, and execute a worship experience. We will also introduce how to implement current technology in modern worship services.

Fri July 28

Worship Technology, Part 2

Leveraging technology as a form of art, communication, and connection. We serve the vision of the church by investing in technology and equipping volunteers to use audio, video, lighting, and digital platforms to communicate the Gospel and disciple our congregations.

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