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The Glory of God in Christian Worship and Art

Join us JULY 18-22, 2022 for a week of immersion in faith and the arts (see schedule here), as we consider the biblical foundations of creativity, Christian artistic expression through the centuries, and active participation in the arts in a community of faith. Along the way, we will create art and prepare an experiential worship gathering together. We will be guided by Inspiring Worship’s presenters, who have substantial experience in the arts and ministry, in addition to academic expertise in the arts, history, and theology.

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If you have questions about registration, please contact us at (406) 404-1600 or admissions@yellowstonetheology.org.

Our Presenters

Rev. Tracie Jernigan

Rev. Tracie Jernigan is co-pastor at The Summit Church in Sylva, North Carolina and Seasonal Lecturer in Worship at YTI. God called Tracie to worship and church ministry early in her life, and she is passionate about providing excellence in creative worship through a diversity of styles. Her passions extend to sharing God’s truths and promises with children through music and the arts. She uses her organizational skills to curate worship with creatives (musicians, artists, speakers and more) while leading with her own creative gifts. She is primarily a keyboardist and harmonist, but has dabbled in mandolin and banjolele since moving to Appalachia in 2013.

Born and raised in Plano, Texas, Tracie earned a Bachelor of Music in Church Music with concentration in pipe organ from Baylor University, as well as a Master of Music in Church Music and a Master of Divinity from Truett Theological Seminary. She is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry at McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University. Tracie previously served as Associate Pastor of Worship & the Arts at Willow Meadows Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, for six years, and has served on the Advisory Board for the Center of Christian Music Studies at Baylor University since 2006.

Tracie spends her free time enjoying life in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband, Nick, and two boys, Charlie and Sam.

Carol Mealer

A long-time Bozeman resident, Carol Mealer is currently pursuing her Master of Arts degree at the Montana State University School of Art. She has extensive volunteer experience in the arts community, including serving on the board of the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra (with four years as president), as Museum Liaison to the Community for the Museum of the Rockies, and as a board member with the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in California.

Mealer’s master’s research was on a tomb in the Vatican necropolis, near the site of the discovery of St. Peter’s bones. Located almost 30 meters below the altar of St. Peter’s basilica, the tomb has mosaics that depict biblical themes, as well as an adaptation of the Roman sun god, Sol Invictus (“Unconquered Sun”), which appears to have a modification to the radiating crown that implies a cross. That, coupled with the surrounding Christian mosaics, implies that this is an image of Christ, possibly the earliest known depiction in a mosaic, dating from the second half of the third century CE.

Mealer’s research has been aided by her 2020-2021 Yellowstone Fellowship in the Arts with YTI. She presented a 5-part lecture on Early Christian Art in the Roman Empire as part of YTI’s 2019 Summer Session.

Rev. Kurt Caddy

Rev. Kurt Caddy is Artist in Residence and Lecturer with YTI. As a visual artist, he believes that art is generative and transformative, and that one of the roles of an artist is to help (or force) the viewer to “see the unseen.”

Kurt says, “As an artist, a ‘little c’ creator and a follower of Jesus, I simply must believe that beauty can and will spring from brokenness. We live in a broken world. I see it on the news. I see it in our cities. I see it in my home. I see it in my mirror. But this brokenness is not forever! This brokenness does not get the final word. Isaiah tells of a day when God will ‘give us beauty for ashes and the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the garment of praise instead of a fainting heart.’ My purpose as an artist is to take time to see the ordinary and to transform it into something extraordinary. In a real sense, each work is a hope-filled prayer for beauty and transformation.”

Kurt lives on a small farm in southwest Missouri. He is married to Laura, and they have 8 biological and adopted children.

Inspiring Worship Schedule

Monday July 18

6:00pm Worship Experience
6:10pm Main Session: “Of Breath and Glory” (Rev. Kurt Caddy)

We will begin our week together with an introduction to a biblical theology of glory and inspiration, along with a consideration of how of these concepts can be integrated into a creative life.

7:40pm Break
7:50pm Main Session: “From Chants to Choruses: A Concise History of Christian Music” (Rev. Tracie Jernigan)

This crash course in the history of Christian music will highlight its use in worship as a means to inspire worshipers to embrace the glory of God.

8:50pm Q&A

Tuesday July 19

6pm Worship Experience
6:10pm Main Session: “From Catacombs to Cathedrals” (Carol Mealer)

Most of the history of Western art coincides with the history of the Christian Church. This lecture begins with the earliest of Christian art (1st and 2nd centuries CE) and considers art up to the Counter Reformation (16th and early 17th centuries CE).

Wednesday July 20

6:00pm Worship Experience
6:10pm Collaborative Art Project (Rev. Kurt Caddy)

Inspiring Worship participants will collaborate on a group work of art which will be inspired by the week’s theme and teaching. Each participant will produce a piece of art which will be joined with everyone else’s pieces to create one large work.

Thursday July 21

6:00pm Worship Experience
6:10pm Main Session: “Making it Happen: The Art of Inspiring Worship” (Rev. Tracie Jernigan)

With the history of Christian music and art in mind, we now turn to incorporating this knowledge into weekly worship planning for a faith community. Creating inspiring worship includes an awareness of theology in worship music, the curation of appropriate and meaningful worship experiences, the organizing of creatives, and an understanding of the formative nature of worship music. This lecture will take a look at the “hows” of inspiring worship as we seek to incorporate the “whats” and the “whys” into the weekly grind of worship planning.

Friday July 22

6:00pm Worship Prep
6:15pm Experiential Worship Gathering
7:00pm Roundtable Discussions & Breaking of Bread
8:15pm Closing Statements — Tracie Jernigan, Kurt Caddy, and Carol Mealer

Register for Inspiring Worship

If you have questions about registration, please contact us at (406) 404-1600 or admissions@yellowstonetheology.org.

Art is the gift of God and must be used unto His glory.”


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