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A Barn for the Community

May 21, 2024 | YTI Staff

One of YTI’s long-standing core commitments is to be an asset to our local community—from Bozeman to the broader Gallatin Valley. A big part of YTI’s community engagement occurs through our new property, “The Barn” located at 83 Rowland Road in Bozeman. Through affordable rental opportunities and other community-oriented programs, this versatile property abounds in resources to serve our neighbors.

Barn Facilities Available for Rent

The Barn boasts a 1,400 square foot space on the ground floor with two screens, advanced technology capabilities, stage lights, a 13×6.5-foot moveable/removable stage, a sound system, tables and chairs, and an overflow outdoor patio for the warmer seasons. The room is capable of hosting about 100 people for a standing party or a party with tables and chairs, and 140 people for a performance or lecture with theater seating.

YTI’s Director of Operations, Melissa Smith, explains that we’re open to diverse events such as “baby showers, graduation parties, memorial services, sorority and fraternity parties, company trainings, and even private meeting rooms.” Since YTI took up residence in The Barn last fall, the facility has already hosted a wide array of groups and activities.

Additional rental facilities include two ground-floor classrooms equipped with smartboards, cameras, and other technology for running online programs. These rooms are suitable for live or online training or other smaller events. A YTI staff member can be available to assist with technology needs during rental events if required. Please contact our office to learn about our alcohol policy.

Extensive Library Open to the Community

Another distinctive asset available to our community is our 20,000-volume library! While it is heavily theology-oriented, other genres represented in our collections include psychology, the arts, literature, current affairs, history, and more.

Smith says aside from direct theology related books, there are many volumes covering “a lot of arts and topics that surround theology” that may be of interest to potential library users.

Personal library cards are available for a yearly fee of $20, and books are available for 3-week loans. The library is open from 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday. Free study spaces and Wi-fi are also available.

YTI also hosts a weekly used book sale on Thursdays from 9-11am during the school year. Anyone is welcome to come in an peruse the books on our sale shelves and enjoy coffee with staff or faculty members!

Fulfilling YTI’s Mission

The Barn enables YTI to fulfill a critical aspect of its mission. As Smith observes, “It makes us an asset for the community. Our rates are lower than anybody else’s because we just want to be an asset.”

We look forward to serving you for an upcoming private or corporate event. Contact our director of operations, Melissa Smith, at (406) 404-1600 with any questions or to schedule your event.

Spaces at the Barn

YTI’s ground floor space can host up to 140 people.

Classrooms are ideal for smaller gatherings and are complete with the latest technology.

YTI’s library at the Barn is open to the community and has more than 20,000 volumes available!

YTI Staff

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