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Educating Future Leaders: Scholarships and Tuition Support Available

Throughout our curriculum and program offerings, an important focus for Yellowstone Theological Institute is providing an affordable theological education for students. While costs for our diploma and master’s programs vary by credit hours, annual fees and tuition, an emphasis is placed on keeping tuition low and attainable by having a central campus and a focus on endowment giving.

Through our endowment giving program, we’re able to provide scholarships and keep tuition within reach for all students wanting to continue their education. All master’s degree candidates are considered for scholarships based on academic achievement and financial needs.

Three Types of
Scholarships Available

All students who apply and are accepted into our Master of Arts, and Master of Divinity programs are automatically eligible for one of YTI’s three levels of scholarships. Funding is awarded based on academic achievement and financial need.

Available Scholarships:

  • Founder’s Scholarship (covers 100% of tuition)
  • President’s Scholarship (covers 50% of tuition)
  • Honors Scholarship (provides 12% of tuition)

Tuition and Fees

With various programs and the ability to study full-time or part-time, tuition at YTI varies. With a strong focus on higher learning and a robust endowment giving, we are able to provide estimated costs for registration fees, applications, textbooks and supplies for all prospective students.

A Community for All

At YTI, we believe in the necessity and importance of educating and training the future leaders of the church. We know that our students come from a variety of backgrounds and financial means and don’t want the ability for higher learning to be hindered based on cost. To this end, every student who is accepted into a master’s program at YTI is automatically considered for scholarships, with no additional application required.

Upon acceptance into the master’s programs, the faculty and staff consider each student based on their GPA, recommendations and academic achievements, with scholarships given annually.

The greatest use of life is
to spend it for something that
will outlast it.

-William James

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