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Growing from a Firm Foundation

Yellowstone Theological Institute is educating leaders of the future church. As membership in the church evolves, YTI’s varied curricula provide training in classes offered on campus and online, and in one to three-year programs designed to suit individual needs. Students will develop the ability to lead with love and understanding in a variety of settings.

As part of our academic offerings, future leaders can earn diplomas and master’s degrees with affordable programs that include the Master of Arts and Diploma of Christian Theology. Students who complete a master’s degree program at YTI will be able to take their hands-on learning and apply their education within a specific church, ministry, organization or business setting.

Degree Program Master of Arts

An intense and innovative program, YTI’s Master of Arts has five degree concentration options. This advanced degree takes two full-time years to complete, but it can also be completed at a more leisurely pace for the student who is balancing work and family. YTI’s goal is to provide a quality theological education regardless of your stage of life.

Why Choose YTI

When it comes to your education, there are many schools—each held in high regard—where you can continue on the path to theological education and ministry training. But at YTI, we’re taking a different approach to education by integrating our theological studies with those pursuits that identify us as human beings: adventure and the arts. Our learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom; it takes place in the art gallery, the concert hall and the stage of the theatre, as well as on the mountain, the rivers and the rest of the great outdoors.

Through YTI’s innovative approach, our learning starts in an environment that is based on trust, authenticity and the willingness to engage the greater community in conversations about God. If you’re ready to see beyond religion, denomination or sect and pursue education in a new way, we invite you to consider becoming a student and member of the YTI community where you’ll be taught how to embrace the task of building and leading a community that is ever-changing and evolving.

Class Schedules

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  • Fall 2023

Continuing Your Education

At YTI, there are various ways to continue your education if a Masters degree is bit more than you need. With opportunities that include a Diploma of Christian Theology, our Local Community Learning Initiatives, or our Gilhousen Lectures, there is something that can meet your thirst for education. Our mission: to open the conversation and learning for all, from the spiritually hungry to the religiously turned off and the traditional churchgoer to the seeker of answers.

Education Diploma Programs

Created to meet students where they are educationally and spiritually, YTI’s diploma programs are designed to provide a foundation for ministry, with elements that include courses in theology, spirituality, art, and adventure.


Let’s be clear that Yellowstone Theological Institute is currently unaccredited. The accreditation process is a rigorous six year process, once you apply. YTI will apply for accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools once it has graduated its first masters degree students in 2022. This is the process outlined by ATS.

Until that time, YTI is conducting its programs within the accreditation guidelines from the latest ATS publications. Accreditation is important to YTI, but providing innovative programs for ministry in the 21st century and beyond is a more pressing issue.


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