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YTI’s Calling

In a world that is continually evolving while the teachings of God remain the same, Yellowstone Theological Institute is at the forefront with a new way of learning as we change the conversation about God to train leaders for the future church and beyond. The core of what we do: create a world where more meaningful connections are made to God and our fellow man. Distinctly unique, YTI combines faith, adventure and the arts in a beautiful new way of learning that teaches students to lead, participate and grow.

Our Hometown Playground

A lively college town, Bozeman is known for higher-learning opportunities, both through the programs offered by YTI and at neighboring Montana State University. Bozeman is one of the most diverse cities in the state and offers residents unparalleled outdoor recreation and creative inspiration among the region’s mountain peaks, while also offering big-city amenities.

Becoming Part of the YTI Community

While education is at the forefront at YTI, we know that there’s more to learning than what’s taught in the classroom. Supported by a mentorship mentality, YTI provides students with the opportunity to create relationships with each other and a larger community, with volunteer and participation opportunities found in various programs and events all over Bozeman, including the LCLI classes, youth programs and community service.

Find Your Adventure

Bozeman and its surrounding areas provide YTI students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to connect with all that Montana has to offer. Our pristine, natural setting is intentionally chosen because we know where we learn plays an integral role in how we learn. Students are encouraged to engage in these spaces as they discover life beyond themselves and find insights in nature.

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Plan a Visit

The best way to see YTI and become familiar with our campus, faculty, staff, students and the exceptional Montana city we call home is to see it for yourself. Throughout the year, YTI staff work with prospective students on individual visits to Bozeman.

What We Believe

The Yellowstone Theological Institute is a place where a diverse community—made up of the churched and unchurched—comes together to connect, speak openly of God and life and engage in a conversation that places the value and love of another at its core.

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Faculty & Staff

One of the key elements that makes YTI stand out is our experienced faculty and staff, with each bringing a strong spiritual background—made up of a desire for a deeper connection to the divine—and an appreciation for natural talents and gifts. With diverse backgrounds in ministry, music, outdoor adventure and literature, we are grateful for YTI’s well-rounded group of leaders and mentors at the helm.


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