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Growing Together: Meet the YTI Team

Our faculty and staff are made up of bright, reverent, impassioned scholars and educators with diverse sets of spiritual and Christian beliefs. Together they foster productive dialogue and reexamine the way we can serve the world. Here, faculty members learn from and challenge one another in a spirit of humility and friendship, each growing as individuals and pursuing the characteristics that strengthen and bring light to our organization.


Dr. Jay Smith

President, Bridger Professor of Theology and Ethics

Dr. Derry Long

Professor of Christian Leadership

Rev. Jim Keena

Professor of Pastoral Theology

Rev. Brett Desper

Lecturer in Discipleship and Spirituality

Dr. Joshua Schendel

Professor of Theology

Dr. Bill Fowler

Professor Emeritus

Rev. Vern Streeter

Lecturer in Adventure and Theology

Rev. Kurt Caddy

Lecturer in the Arts and Theology

Rev. Mike Gammill

Lecturer in Leadership Studies

Dr. Cody Whittington

Yellowstone Fellow

Dr. Nicole Jordan

Lecturer in Worship Arts

Kathryn Green

Tutor in Missions and Bible

Matthew Green

Tutor in Theology and Culture


Melissa Smith

Director of Operations

Kathryn Green

Social Media Coordinator, Enrollment Counselor

Matthew Green

Marketing & Communications

Iris Eckles

Finance & Student Services Assistant

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