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Leading the Way to a Bright Future

As we work to grow the Yellowstone Theological Institute, monetary support (from donors like you) is an integral part of our path to providing the future leaders of the church with Christ-filled culture and learning. Through your generous donations, YTI is able to keep tuition costs affordable, provide scholarships, support ministry outreach and fund the construction of our new campus in Bozeman, Montana.

We invite you to join us in our journey and our mission of opening the conversation up to all the seekers of answers, traditional churchgoers and the spiritually hungry—as we create and strengthen a community of people who are ready to share a Christ-centered life.

Ways to Give:

One-time Gift

Recurring Gift

Jim Bridger Society

Summer Programs Matching Grant

One-time Gift

Through your one-time gift, you help provide support for YTI to expand our campus, as well as fulfill the desires of students who wish to study at YTI through our scholarship program. A variety of donations are available for one-time gifts as together, we support the mission of YTI and our growing community.

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Recurring Gift

We could not grow our community of people and future leaders of the church without donors who provide financial donations. Through our recurring gift program, you can set up regular donations to YTI. Upon enrollment in the program, you will receive regular invoices set to the amount and frequency in which you desire to give.

Jim Bridger Society

Members of the Jim Bridger Society are an integral part of the sustainability of the school’s mission and vision, and donations from you help support the general fund of the Yellowstone Theological Institute. And much like Jim Bridger—who was one of the country’s most well-known mountain men—members of the Jim Bridger society are helping YTI pioneer a new way of Christ-centered learning and theological studies.

Giving Back 2021

In our 9th year of operation, and 7th year to offer affordable community arts and sports summer programs, Yellowstone Theological Institute is reaching out to the Bozeman community to share the privilege of giving back! Mr. Joe Billion, founder of Billion Auto Group and a long time Bozeman philanthropist, has challenged our community to a matching grant. Mr. Billion has pledged $12,000 to assist in funding the YTI Summer Programs, and asks that the big hearts of the Bozeman Community step up and match his pledge. Your assistance in our Theater, Dance, Ceramics, and Soccer programs is essential to their success! YTI desires to continue offering high quality programs at affordable prices, but it will take all of us to make it happen. Consider giving your gift today. All sponsor donations will be listed on our summer programs!

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