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BIB 630 - Apocalyptic and the Book of Revelation

3 credits

When there has been hardship, disaster, famine, or serious climate changes, American Protestant Christians have often turned to the Bible, and specifically the Book of Revelation, for answers and hope. In the Greek language the title of the Book of Revelation is “the Apocalypse of Jesus Christ.” The word “apocalypse” means “to uncover” or “reveal.” This “revelation” of Jesus at the end of time is difficult to understand to say the least and, because of that confusion, it is easy to misinterpret. The failure of churches, the persecution of Christians, the dragon, the Beast, 666, the lake of fire, and the new heavens and earth are images that the average reader today cannot interpret simply because we are so far removed from the original context of its writing. BIB 630 “Apocalypse and the Book of Revelation” shines light upon this enigmatic book and how we should understand its meaning and content today.