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    In Memoriam: Eugene Peterson

    Rachel Toombs, YTI Professor of Theology and Old Testament

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    This October, Eugene Peterson passed away. Best known for his The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language, Eugene Peterson was a pastor, writer, poet, professor, and friend to many people. A number of thoughtful pieces have been written commemorating Eugene’s impact on people’s pastorates, personal lives, research, and faith. Today, I want to focus in … MORE

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    Rethinking the Mission of God

    Bill Fowler, YTI Church Relations and Professor of New Testament and Practical Theology

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    A Biblical Theology of Missions? My earliest efforts at demonstrating the missional heart of God were aimed at producing a “biblical theology of mission.” I would look for scriptures that expressed God’s concern for “the nations,” prophecies and passages that included the universal aspect of God’s love. By doing so, I hoped to convince and … MORE

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    Pursuing Purity of Heart Through Chastity

    Scott Hamilton, YTI Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

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    (This is the second in a series on Monastic Ideals.) Chastity was a monastic practice that moved the false self toward purity of heart. It is a way toward freedom to love self and others with the love of God.

    Communion Bread – Eating Justice – The Beginning of Social Justice

    Eating Justice

    Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

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    One of the catchphrases in the contemporary church is social justice. Although it is by no means a new phrase—having come into being in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in response to the ravages of industrialization in the Western world—social justice has become part of the hipster creed. From TOMS Shoes to fair … MORE

    Desert with mountains on the horizon

    The Value of Monastic Ideals

    Scott Hamilton, YTI Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

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    Love for God is one of the essential beginning places for the Christian ascent to holiness. As I mature, I have realized my ability to love others flows through the relationship I have with God. In some ways, living into Christian holiness is like throwing a fine piece of pottery; it comes from a long … MORE

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