From the President

Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

February 2016 Inscribed

Dear Friends of Yellowstone!

Dr. Jay SmithThank you so much for getting 2016 off to a great start! Many of you have responded to our calls for support, and we are grateful. With your gifts, you are enabling YTI to fulfill its mission throughout the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest. We are able to keep student tuition low because of your generosity. We are able to provide unique, meaningful theological and biblical studies because of you, and we are able to implement a radically new vision for the church for our generation. Every little bit continues to count with us—thank you!

2016 began quickly for YTI with classes and lectures in Bellingham, Washington. It was our pleasure to begin discussions in Bellingham with staff from the Christ the King network of churches on how we might be able to provide meaningful theological education for their ministers and congregations. We continue to be thankful for our relationships with both Hillcrest Chapel and First Baptist Church in Bellingham for their support and look forward to new partnerships with a variety of other congregations in the area. We look forward to seeing our students in Boise, Idaho in the next few weeks, as well as meeting new students and partnering with more churches.

The big news for 2016 is the advent of our property development in Bozeman. Madison Engineering is heading up our infrastructure development, set to begin March 1st. Margaret Stewart, our Superintendent of Grounds, is working with our engineers and architects to make sure the permitting and building process progresses as smoothly as possible and is doing a great job!  If all goes according to plan, YTI should have a campus to inhabit in August 2017! Why such a fuss over a campus? Because it stands as a testimony to our strongly held belief that the church is a movement of love; more than a building and more than a place, the property is a special means through which the followers of Christ can love and serve the greater community.

Grace & Peace,
Dr. Jay Smith, President

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