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Inscribed is the bi-monthly community newsletter of Yellowstone Theological Institute, keeping you informed of recent and future events, as well as faculty and student accomplishments, placement needs, and ongoing development projects.


Abounding Love, Knowledge, Insight, Discernment, Righteousness… Adventure!

As we embark on a new chapter in the history of Yellowstone Theological Institute — with a new building to call home, a re-tooled curriculum, and fresh opportunities — we believe these three words capture the heart of our mission. In this newsletter, faculty members reflect on this statement of YTI’s vision (crafted with our new marketing partners, IDD Agency) and our new foundational Scripture passage, Philippians 1:9–11.

Progress at the Barn!

Renovations are underway at “The Barn,” YTI’s new home at 83 Rowland Road in Bozeman.

‘Irrigating Deserts’

Over this past year the faculty at YTI has been evaluating its Master of Arts program with the aim of updating it. This year’s review uncovered an insight—an insight into what we are trying to accomplish with our MA program and why.

The Adventure of Love

Love shows a man or a woman how to put words into action and theories into practice. Both have unknown outcomes which adds to the excitement and—that’s right—the adventure.

Discovering What We Have

You can have something and not know it, but if you know it, you live differently because of it.

Welcome: Dr. Nicole Jordan

Nicole Jordan joins the YTI faculty this fall as Lecturer in Worship Arts. She has served as an educator for Classical and Undergraduate Liberal Arts programs since 2009.

YTI Spotlight: Norah Hager

Miss Norah Hager is YTI’s newest Yellowstone Fellow. Hailing from Edmond, Okla, she is an accomplished trombonist and is currently in her first year of pre-med studies at the University of Tulsa.

From the President

This fall, YTI begins classes with a revamped curriculum, a new building, and several new part-time instructors.

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