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Welcome: Dr. Nicole Jordan

August 8, 2023 | YTI Staff

Nicole Jordan joins the YTI faculty this fall as Lecturer in Worship Arts. She has served as an educator for Classical and Undergraduate Liberal Arts programs since 2009. Nicole holds her doctorate in worship studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies, master of arts in music history and theology from Greatbatch School of Music (Houghton College), and bachelor of arts in piano, voice, and biblical studies from the University of Northwestern. A Minnesota native, she most recently served on the faculty of the University of Northwestern St. Paul, Minn., in the departments of Music and Theater and Biblical Studies from 2015-2023.

Nicole’s passions include the resurgence of Classical Education, liturgical renewal, and studying and contemplating the intersections of music and theology. When not lecturing for YTI, homeschooling her children, or cleaning her house, Nicole enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, dancing, making music, and laughing whenever possible. Nicole, her husband Michael, and their three daughters live in Bozeman.

YTI Staff

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