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Welcome New Faces!

May 9, 2022 | YTI Staff

Dr. Joshua Schendel

Joshua Schendel

Professor of Theology

Joshua D. Schendel, Ph.D. Saint Louis University, grew up in Montana. After completing degrees in classics, philosophy, and theology, he took a position as executive editor of Modern Reformation magazine for a couple of years. He is the author of The Necessity of Christ’s Satisfaction (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming). He currently resides with his wife, Bethanne, and their three kids, Isaiah (9), Laurel (7), and Edith (5), in Southern California. They are all excited to join the YTI community and get back under the big sky.

Dr. Joshua Schendel

Iris Eckles

Finance & Student Services Assistant

We’re pleased to welcome Iris Eckles as our new Finance & Student Services Assistant. Iris enjoys hiking, biking, cross country skiing, swimming, and dancing!

YTI Staff

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