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Equip Program Brings Training to the Local Church

November 4, 2021

This fall, YTI has launched a new program dedicated to providing ministry training in the local church and for the local church. Equip: The Local Church Theological Training Initiative presents a series of ten foundational courses on biblical, theological, and ministry topics. Classes are offered exclusively through participating churches, where students receive ongoing mentoring from ministry leaders in conjunction with courses delivered by YTI faculty.

Equip provides a distinctive adaptation of YTI’s Diploma of Christian Ministry, with a series of weeklong classes offered over the course of a year. Topics include Biblical Interpretation, Old Testament, New Testament, Basic Theology: Method and History, Basic Leadership Skills, Preaching and Teaching, Spiritual Practice, Pastoral Care, and Missions.

The first Equip cohort has been underway at Hillcrest Church in Bellingham, Wash., since September. Cohorts are currently being organized at churches in several Montana cities, as well.

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