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Course Overview

Basic Leadership: Servant, Collaborative, and Visionary

This course introduces the student to the basic leadership skills necessary for a person in ministry in contemporary culture. The course covers the foundational concept of servant leadership, the goal of collaborative leadership, and the need for true entrepreneurial leadership.

A Deeper Look

From Dr. Derry Long

Thank you for your interest in the leadership course of the Equip program.

Everyone has a sphere of influence — and many leadership skills are transferable into other arenas of life, like family or work.

Over nine hours of the course, together we will investigate:

  • The four elements in every leadership scenario that must be served;
  • Crucial conversation skills to diffuse and use conflict;
  • How to give your ideas a better chance of becoming reality by adding four elements that add critical mass;
  • The five levels of friendship and the five responses from our relational network when we change significantly;
  • How to build a healthy team looking at the examples of Jesus and Paul;
  • Something I’m especially excited about — how to help those we care about thrive, in our family, our relationships, our church, and our workplace;
  • The narrative of four prominent Bible characters to learn critical life-skills, like how to overcome burnout and discouragement from Elijah, how to face 5 areas of inadequacy like Moses, how to overcome the baggage of our history like Gideon, and how to gain credibility through overcoming failure, like Peter;
  • And lastly, we will do a little exercise based on Jesus’ interaction with Bartimaeus, on how to discover and align your life with your “preferred future” in specific areas.

I believe we all yearn to grow and to live in a way that is meaningful and significant. Paul encouraged Timothy, who struggled with timidity that God’s intent was to help us become “. . .capable, EQUIPPED for every good work” (II Tim. 3:17, NASB).

Join me on this journey. I will look forward to it!

The EQUIP Program

The Equip program consists of a series of 8 courses, designed to provide church staff and attenders with high quality theological education covering essential topics of the Christian life. Each course is 9 hours in length and taught by members of YTI’s faculty.

EQUIP Courses

Your Guide

Dr. Derry Long

Hi, my name is Derry. In the picture I am in the grandstands at the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo, the largest outdoor rodeo in the world. I grew up on a farm in northwest North Dakota. At 17, just after graduating from high school I yielded my heart to Jesus at a city-wide Lowell Lundstrom Crusade in Williston, North Dakota.

Almost immediately I enrolled at a Bible College. While still a student, I accepted a part-time role as pastor of a small rural church. I was 21 and I pastored until I was 72, or over 50 years with a 6-year break while I served as an overseer of a region of churches included Montana and North Dakota. Later, I spent a year in England on research related to developing people-empowering social systems, like a church, a business, or a family.

Today, I serve as professor of leadership at YTI and also teach in Bangladesh and South Korea.

I am married to Marcy and we have three children and five grandchildren. Marcy and I live just west of Bozeman, Montana, and attend Journey Church in Bozeman. Baseball is a favorite pastime, along with camping and book-collecting. When I need a dose of humility, I play some golf.

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