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Our Vision: Inspiring Generosity

As the first and only theological school in Montana and the Northern Rocky Mountain region offering graduate-level courses, our new campus and commitment to community will make us truly unique. With less than $1 million to go, our vision is nearing reality. With your support, we can educate and empower Christ-centered leadership and enrich the Bozeman Community.

We’ve secured the land and raised over 11.5 million dollars. With less than a million to go, we will break ground in Spring 2022 and open our doors in the fall of 2023. Help us reach our goal!

Center for Faith,
Adventure and the Arts

  • 234-seat performing arts chapel hosting local symphonies, opera and ballet groups, as well as lecturers and worship services
  • Daily-use classrooms and offices for graduate students, interns and faculty
  • Fine Arts Lab
  • Adventure Annex Center for Faith, Adventure and the Arts

Inspiring Community

Our new permanent home will incorporate nature, light and art. Open and shared spaces will encourage collaboration and become community gathering destinations.

Spaces for All

  • A soup, bread and coffee community café
  • Community meeting spaces
  • Art gallery
  • Ponds, trails, athletic facilities, and more
  • 40 acres of Montana landscapes and mountain views

New Housing Joint Venture

With current enrollment at 40 students and a projection of 60 by the end of next year, the planned space is needed. Our campus development includes new student and affordable single-family housing made possible through our joint venture with Providence, South 40, LLC.





Thank You to our Generous Donors

All that we do depends on the support of our donors and community members. Together, we are connecting people to God, to each other and to the world.

  • Bryan Klein of Providence
  • Karen Gilhousen
  • Rick & Shanon Ungersma
  • Joe & Diane Billion
  • Chris Budeski
  • Jay & Melissa Smith
  • Jon & Jenni Leach
  • Marc & Mary Kay Yeley
  • Bryan & Heather Klein
  • Jerry Locati
  • Skogen Farms
  • Mike Ingram

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