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Carol Mealer

Lecturer in Christian Art History

A long-time Bozeman resident, Carol earned her Master of Arts degree at the Montana State University School of Art. Her master’s research was on a tomb in the Vatican necropolis, near the site of the discovery of St. Peter’s bones. Located almost 30 meters below the altar of St. Peter’s basilica, the tomb has mosaics that depict biblical themes, as well as an adaptation of the Roman sun god, Sol Invictus (“Unconquered Sun”), which appears to have a modification to the radiating crown that implies a cross. That, coupled with the surrounding Christian mosaics, implies that this is an image of Christ, possibly the earliest known depiction in a mosaic, dating from the second half of the third century CE.

Carol has extensive volunteer experience in the arts community, including serving on the board of the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra (with four years as president), as Museum Liaison to the Community for the Museum of the Rockies, and as a board member with the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony in California.

Carol’s research has been aided by her 2020-2021 Yellowstone Fellowship in the Arts with YTI. She presented a 5-part lecture on Early Christian Art in the Roman Empire as part of YTI’s 2019 Summer Session.


  • MA, Montana State University

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