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MIN 631 - Mentored Ministry Project

In lieu of a thesis, students with concentrations in communications, ministry or leadership, must complete a series of three term-long ministry mentorships, each focusing on the growth of the student, as well as a specific ministry area. For each mentorship, the student will have an on-site ministry mentor with whom she/he will meet each week for accountability and reflection. In addition, the student will have weekly communication with the his or her faculty mentor in order to stay on task toward meeting the targeted goals. By design, no student who earns the MA degree in the areas of communication, leadership or ministry will be without significant mentored ministry experience. At the end of each project, the student will write a 10-page project report consisting of the following: A 3-page narrative of the ministry; a 2-page assessment of the biblical foundations of the ministry; a 3-page socio-theological analysis of the ministry and notable encounters during the ministry; and, a two-page conclusion that discusses the problems, potential solutions and potential future directions for the ministry. This is done for all three mentored ministry projects. At the end of the final project, the three different reports will be merged into one document, at the end of which the student will provided a final conclusion by synthesizing and analyzing the projects into a whole, and determining how these projects were together in ministry.