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Ministering to a Broken and Difficult Church

Jay Smith, YTI President and Bridger Professor of Theology & Ethics

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It is the year 2018. Seminary and divinity school enrollment has developed a roller coaster enrollment pattern. Simultaneously, the mainline denominational and evangelical free churches are struggling to maintain members. Indeed, sociologist Robert Wuthnow has maintained since the late 1980s that the American church is experiencing significant denominational decline where the structures and doctrinal foci … MORE

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Entrepreneurial Leadership In Ministry

Scott Hamilton, YTI Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

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Thomas Monaghan founded Domino’s Pizza in 1970 and served as President and Chief Executive Officer until 1985. The megalithic pizza chain grew from a small debt-ridden chain to the second largest pizza company in America, with sales over one billion dollars. When asked what accounted for the company’s exponential growth, Monaghan said, “I programmed everything … MORE