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Inscribed is the bi-monthly community newsletter of Yellowstone Theological Institute, keeping you informed of recent and future events, as well as faculty and student accomplishments, placement needs, and ongoing development projects.


Creating Community

Now that we are at home in “the Barn,” YTI is more focused than ever on fostering community rooted in God’s love.

A Barn for the Community

A big part of YTI’s community engagement occurs through our new property, “The Barn” located at 83 Rowland Road in Bozeman. Through affordable rental opportunities and other community-oriented programs, this versatile property abounds in resources to serve our neighbors.

Being a Church for the Community

She had an unusual need and asked an unusual church if we could meet it. Sadly, we couldn’t. But, and here’s the point, one day she is going to have a “real” problem, and when she comes to us for help, we aren’t going to rent her anything. We are going to give her Jesus.

The Glory and Goodness of God in a Garden

We have been busy daydreaming about the potential for new plant life to surround YTI’s new building. The Lord uses nature as a means to reveal Himself to us. He gently extinguishes our worry by having us consider how He takes care of the flowers in the fields.

EQUIP: In-Church Preparation ‘For Such a Time as This’

Christians are invited to engage the world with the purposes and claims of Christ. As with Esther in ancient time, to respond to God’s call for “such a time as this.” Such an engagement requires preparedness. It is for this time that EQUIP was designed.

LCLI: Where Learning Never Stops!

To meet the needs of our rapidly growing community, each LCLI presentation provides the opportunity to inquire about a current in-the-news and on-our-minds topic.

Dr. Roy Millhouse joins YTI as Professor of Biblical Studies

A native of West Virginia raised in Pittsburgh, Pa., Dr. Roy Millhouse comes to YTI after ten years teaching Bible, theology, and ministry at Sterling College, KS.

From the President

Praying, Studying, Rethinking, Retooling, Regrouping — and Pushing Ahead

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